Nicholas Evanchik
119 Alder Drive
Briarcliff Manor, NY 10510

Is Donald Trump trying to pull a fast one the Village of Briarcliff Manor? In this (July 9, 2002) letter to the Briarcliff Manor Board of Trustees, I outlined concerns regarding:

These are important issues that could greatly affect Village revenues and our tranquility as a community.

Is the Village Board of Trustees holding this development accountable for past written agreements?

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[As a special note to webizens, the New York Times article that I cite is available online for free to holders of a valid Briarcliff Manor Library card (after all, your taxes pay for it), the article may be accessed here.]

In a recent (June 26, 2002) letter to the Board of Trustees, I addressed these issues:

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Where's our water going?

On June 14, 2002, I raised concerns about large discrepancies in the Village's accounting of water usage. More than 25% of the water pumped out is unaccounted for. This could cost the Village money and endanger our ability to handle future growth.

Unfortunately, our local government is effectively ignoring this issue.

Read my letter to the Village by clicking here.


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